Booking rules

Article 1 (Duration of the stay) – Our accommodation units and rest areas may be booked for weekly periods**
The beginning and end of the period vary depending on the type of resource booked.
We kindly invite you to carefully assess the type of resource selected and the period for which the same may be booked by checking the price list and our Website. You can check availability of the resource in question by contacting our  Booking Centre or through our Website.
**During the low season, you may book weekends and short stays (minimum 2 nights) by agreement with management.

Article 2 (Booking request and deposit) – To render your booking request valid and effective, you must provide a commitment deposit, in the amount to be indicated by the Company (failing which the deposit is deemed equal to EUR 300,00).
Payment must be made by Visa or Mastercard Credit Card (only through our Website) or by bank transfer – specifying the provisional booking number allocated to you – to
“BIBIONE MARE S.P.A - Camping Capalonga”
Banca CRÉDIT AGRICOLE FRIULADRIA IBAN: IT52 V053 3636 2900 0003 0009 158

Any advance payment of the accommodation price may be made beginning with 1 January in the reference year of the stay, exactly as pointed out above.
In the event of bookings and payments made directly at the Facility, cash payments (in Italian currency) are allowed within the limits laid down by the legislation in force.

Article 3 (Booking confirmation) -  Once the deposit has been paid, you will receive a confirmatory email of your booking by the Facility, which only by virtue of such confirmation will become final and binding on Bibione Mare S.p.a.

Article 4 (Booking costs) – All bookings are subject to a charge of EUR 15.00 for booking costs, to be added to the final calculation at the end of the stay.
This amount is in any event due and is not refundable even in case of subsequent withdrawal.

Article 5 (Type of Resource) – Through the final confirmation of the booking by the Facility, the type of accommodation and the period of stay are warranted. As much as possible, requests for specific rest areas or specific accommodation units selected by the Customer will be taken into account. Management reserves in any event the right to change the allocated resource number, being entitled to provide a rest area or housing unit with similar characteristics to the one chosen by the customer.

Article 6 (Delayed check-ins and early check-outs) – Delayed check-ins or early check-outs nevertheless entail charging for the resource for the entire period booked.

Article 7 (Check-in) - The rest areas are available for allocation from 13h00 on the scheduled day.
The accommodation units are available for delivery from 16h30 on the scheduled day. For early delivery of the accommodation unit at 12h30, an additional amount of EUR 60.00 is charged. The request must be made at the time of booking.
The resource booked will be kept at the customer’s disposal until 13h00 on the day subsequent to the one set out in the booking confirmation, whereupon – in the event of no attendance by the customer and in the absence of any communication by the same – it may be rented to third parties at the Facility’s discretion.

Article 8 (Deposit) – On arrival, the sum of EUR 75.00 in deposit will be requested for the accommodation units, as security for proper use of the unit and its restoration in the same condition in which it had been delivered, along with all the relevant equipment. The amount will be refunded at the time of departure in the absence of damages or missing equipment as ascertained by the controlling staff.
The accommodation must be left in a perfectly cleaned state, as it was at the time of its delivery. The charge for any cleaning (not performed or not fully performed by the customer) amounts to EUR 80.00.

Article 9 (Check-out) – The  check-outs relating to the accommodation units must take place by 10h00 on the scheduled day. Those relating to the rest areas by 12h00. Any extended stay may be agreed upon with Management. An extra day will be charged for any check-out past the scheduled time, unless otherwise  agreed upon with Management.

Article 10 (Cancellations) – Any cancellation must be notified in writing (to the email address of the Facility) by setting out the customer’s BANKING DETAILS (IBAN). Only cancellations received at least 30 days prior to the starting date of the stay will confer a right to the refund of the commitment deposit – subject to the booking costs and bank commissions being charged -. Conversely, cancellations received beyond the aforementioned deadlines do not confer any right to the refund of the commitment deposit, and Management will furthermore reserve the right to request payment of the entire amount due for the booked stay. In the event of valid cancellation, the deposit shall be refunded by Bibione Mare S.p.a. within 30 (minimum) to 60 (maximum) days from date of the customer’s relevant request.

Article 11 (Balance) – Payment of the balance due for the stay must take place, at the latest, by the day preceding check-out, during the opening hours of the office-cashier’s desk.

Article 12 (Cash payments) It should be noted that precise legislative limits apply to cash payments. Any payment for an amount exceeding the legislative limits in force may only be made with traceable means in compliance with legal provisions.

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