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Accessible tourism

The characteristics and location of campsites run by company Bibione Mare S.p.a. make them suitable for any type of tourists, even for those with paraplegia or difficulties in movement.

The width of the bungalows and the positioning of the rooms inside them allow even to persons in a wheelchair to easily access it and move comfortably, enjoying all the services.
The beach is equipped with ramps and walkways for easy access to the umbrellas with plateau for wheelchairs; while internal dining establishments as well as showers and bathrooms have local access, available only to our guests.

The Capalonga Campsite, which overlooks the lagoon of Bibione, also provides berths that can be reached via eight practical floating piers. These structures allow customers to enjoy boat trips in the sea and within the wonderful Venetian lagoon.

The strengths of your accessible vacation at the Capalonga Campsite:

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Special platform to take people down to the shore
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Special pram to take people to bathe in the water
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Special mobile homes (see Platinum H) with ample room for maneuver, ramps and special bathrooms
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All the toilets in the campsite are tailored for disabled people

Our Camping Village is a partner of,
and shares the values with, the Accessible Hospitality Network
A Village For All

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Going Kayaking in Venice with a disability.
Karen Darke
Karen has accepted with surprise and enthusiasm the invitation to be the first rower sponsored by "POINT 65".
She asked: "But can I be a sponsored rower, if I’m not able to turn a kayak?
Continue reading to see what happened next. "Of course! And would you like to go kayaking in Venice next weekend?” "Would I like it?! Although I have a 12-years long experience in kayaking, I could not believe that someone would want to sponsor a differently abled, paraplegic rower: my challenge lies in the balance.

My kayak adventure began with a flight to the Kayak Centre of Bibione, in northern Italy, east of Venice: turquoise waters, golden beaches, kind rowers, ice cream and sun. I can’t wait! For my balance in a kayak, I used a seatback in order to give me more support. It’s hard to fit in a boat without affixing an additional layer of foam and glue. So I used a kayak with a good initial stability, to avoid overthrowing me and losing it. My kayak was adapted for me, so I was nervous about not finding one equally suitable among those offered in Bibione. The sight of all those colorful kayaks on the beach tempted me to enter the water. My eyes turned to a point 65 kayak, looking for one with a relatively stable hull form (with a flatter bottom) and with a larger cockpit / seat, just to be sure that I can get out in case I fell. Fortunately, the design of the seat fit easily to my backseat, and after a few minutes I was ready to join the group in the water.
We slipped into the welcoming lagoon with the calm water as in a bath tub, feeling happily positive in this Italian atmosphere. This was the first meeting of the year of Bibione Kayak Center, headquartered at Camp Capalonga (, a fantastic place accessible by wheelchair, with bungalows equipped for disabled people, located between the lagoon and the Adriatic Sea. On the side of the lagoon, the water is calm, ideal for beginners or to improve techniques, and on the sea side there are surf waves for the more adventurous.
The week began with the "Vogalonga": a big, 33 km long, non-competitive event that lets you explore the alleys and corners of Venice. It is open to all types of non-motorized boats such as kayaks, gondolas, canoes and other. The organizers of Bibione Kayak Centre, together with Point 65, would like that more disabled rowers join the event, which is ideal for both beginners and the more experienced, thanks to the well-equipped access for wheelchairs, the wide choice of kayaks, warm water and the possibilty to choose between the calm waters of the lagoon and the sea waves.

Karen Darke - British paralympic cyclist, paratriathlete, adventurer and author. She competed at the 2012 London Paralympics winning a silver medal in the Women's road time trial H1-2.


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