Our accommodation units and pitches can be booked for weekly periods **
The beginning and the end of the period varies according to the type. Carefully choose the accommodation type and the period in which it may be booked by consulting the price list. You can check availability by contacting our Booking Centre or on our website.
** During the low season, there is a possibility of weekends and short stay bookings (min. 2 nights), in agreement with the Management

1) Upon receipt of accommodation availability confirmation by our staff, to give validity to your reservation, it is required to pay a deposit of Euro 300.00.
You can pay by credit card Visa or MasterCard (only via our website) or by bank transfer specifying the booking number that you have been assigned.
This amount must be sent through bank transfer in favor of the

“BIBIONE MARE S.P.A. - Camping Capalonga”
Banca CRÉDIT AGRICOLE FRIULADRIA IBAN: IT52 V053 3636 2900 0003 0009 158

For those wanting to make an advance deposit, more than or equal to the Euro 300,00 installment, will only be able to do so beginning on the 1st of January of the year of your reservation for accommodations.

2) The camping will send you by post/mail the booking confirmation.
3) All bookings are subject to a charge of EUR 15.00 for booking charges, which will be added to the final bill at the end of the stay.
4) The booking confirms the accommodation option and the period of stay. Wherever possible requests for pitches or accommodation units chosen by the guest will be considered. Management reserves the right to change the number assigned to you even after receiving the confirmatory deposit and the letter of confirmation.
5) In case of delayed arrivals or early departures with respect to the periods booked, accommodation units will be charged for the entire period booked.

6) The keys to the accommodation units will be available from 3.30 pm on the agreed day. For early delivery of the unit keys of the, from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm, there is a charge of € 50. The request must be made at time of booking. The unit booked will be kept available until 1.00 pm on the next day, then it will be considered rented to third parties without prior notice.
7) For accommodation units, the sum of € 75.00 will be required upon arrival, as a deposit. The amount will be refunded upon departure if no damage is detected by the control personnel.
8) The departures from the accommodation units must take place before 10.00 am on the appointed day. And from camping pitches by 12.00 pm. Any extended stays may be agreed with the Management.

9) Any cancellations must be notified in writing and shall include YOUR BANK DETAILS (IBAN). Only cancellations that are received 30 days prior to the date of the stay start, are entitled to repayment of the deposit, except for the charge of booking expenses and bank fees. Cancellations received after the above time terms are not eligible for the deposit refund.
10) Guests with bookings must observe the rules of the camp like everyone else.
Express check-in online, see website:
Art. 1 - Guests upon arrival have to report to the welcoming office where they will present an identification document for each person in the group. An identification bracelet will be given to each guest (to be worn on the wrist by all guests of the camp) and a personal control card that has to be presented both at the camp entrance and at the request of the service staff. Presentation of the card alone is not sufficient for the purpose of demonstrating your facility membership. A car sticker with the emblem of the campsite will also be applied to your car glass.

Art. 2 – Guests are required to communicate to the Management, in real time, any kind of change in arrival and departure concerning their crew. The Management will not be held responsible for charges resulting from not properly communicated stays.

Art. 3 - The cash register office is open from 8.00 AM to 12.00 PM and, in the afternoon from 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM. Control tags and bracelets must be returned at the time of the final payment. Personal documents will be returned upon departure. Departing guests must leave the campsite by 12.00 PM to avoid the charge for the whole day.
Art. 4 – Guests are free to choose the location for their equipment, except in the bookable areas that are marked by the tables. It is allowed to occupy a single pitch. The boats on the ground and their carts can only be accommodated in the space intended for this purpose.

Art. 5 – Visiting guests are allowed only upon the Management authorization and if the visit is longer than one hour, visiting guests must pay a daily fee.

Art. 6 - We do not accept unoccupied caravans or tents. Empty equipment will be removed. During high season the minimum stay is seven days. Any exceptions will be granted by the Management.

Art. 7 - Guests must respect the silence hours from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm and from 11.30 pm to 07.00 am. During these periods it is absolutely forbidden to use motorized vehicles.

Art. 8 - The objects found inside the camp must be delivered to the Management that will take care of the return to their rightful owners. The administration is not liable for accidents and accidental injuries, due to bad weather or caused by the fault of guests, or for lost or stolen items.

Art. 9 - Good behavior within the campsite, on the beach and in picnic areas, as well as the observance of order and cleanliness, are obligations of the guests. Plants, furniture, plants and trees are also to be respected. The toilets are to be left in the same condition in which you want to find them. Paper, butts and garbage are to be deposited in the appropriate containers. You also have to comply with the speed limit of 10 km per hour.

Art. 10 – Departing guests should leave the pitch or the accommodation unit clean and tidy.

Art. 11 - Failure to comply with these rules lead to removal from the campsite.

Art. 11 - La non osservanza delle suddette regole comporterà l’allontanamento dal campeggio.
Campsite access is limited to dogs of small and medium size. Dog breeds considered dangerous in the attachment of the Ordinance of 12 December 2006 published in the Official Gazette no. 10 of 13 January 2007 and set out below will not be admitted: American Bulldog, Charplanina Shepherd, Anatolian Shepherd, Central Asian Shepherd Caucasian Shepherd, Dog Serra da Erstreilla, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brazileiro, Neapolitan Mastiff, Perro Majoero, from Presa Canario Perro, Perro grasping Mallorquin, American Pit Bull Terrier, Pit Bull Mastiff, Pit Bull Terrier, Rafeiro do Alentejo, Rottweiler, Tosa Inu.

Dogs are welcome in our resort, but they must not cause any inconvenience to other guests. They must therefore respect the following regulations:

1 at check-in a health card with all vaccinations must be provided and must be identifiable and recognizable by microchip or tattoo. The animals must have been subjected to regular prevention against major parasitic and infectious diseases (distemper, leptospirosis and parvovirus). Any irregularities will be reported to the competent authority
2 the number of dogs must be reported at the time of booking, followed by verification by staff on arrival;
3 are accepted only in plots and housing units* located in the area dedicated to them, for a maximum of 2 dogs per pitch / unit and can not be left unattended on these;
4 must be walked on a lead of a maximum length of 1.50 m (Ord. Minis. 03.03.2009). They must wear a flea collar or pesticide device and, in addition, must have a muzzle to be used as needed or upon request;
5 must use only the dedicated paths within the campsite. These are all properly indicated. They are prohibited in all other areas of the resort, and it is strictly forbidden to bring animals in any communal spaces, such as bars, restaurants, swimming pools and toilets;
6 must be accompanied in the appropriate area for their needs. Solid waste must be removed with a special bag, while liquid must be washed away with water;
7 must not disturb other guests; noisy dogs, growling or barking, will not be permitted in the    camping site.


8 within the resort the dedicated pathways have distributors of biodegradable bags for the collection of dog waste that should then be deposited in the containers;
9 the presence of animals on the beach is currently not permitted;
10 there is a dedicated map showing all pathways and permitted areas;
11 it is the duty of the owners to ensure maximum compliance with the hygiene rules during the stay of the animal inside the campsite;
12 damage caused to third parties and structures by animals are the sole responsibility of the owner of the dog;
13 Management reserves the right to immediately remove from the camping site guests who fail to comply;
14 the entry of visitors with animals is not allowed.

*We would like to remind guests that occupying a caravan with a dog leads to an extra cleaning and disinfecting tariff of € 35 per caravan.
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